3 things to ask before you start working as a construction engineer

Working as a construction engineer might be interesting, but there are few things you should never look up especially, fall arrest systems. Fall protection is a very pertinent topic in workspace security. Falls are many common causes of workplace deaths and casualties. Security of the employees should never be compromised. So, to prevent any kind of casualties, fall arrest systems should be installed. So if you are planning to work as a construction engineer, you must ensure your security and get your queries answered by the company. Here is a list of three things to ask before you start working as a construction engineer.

Personal Protective Equipment

While working as a construction engineer, one must ask for personal protective equipment from the company. An employer must provide protective equipment to the staff. The protective equipment includes head protective gear, safety goggles, safety harness, and fall protection. This equipment is the initial step in ensuring employee’s safety. Further, questions related to harnesses should never be forgotten. Harness depends on various factors such as the work environment and your task.

Therefore, you should ask for the relevant hardness. For example, if you are working for welding applications, heat-resistant fabric should be used, to prevent damage. Moreover, one must also check that the given hardness should also be suitable for environmental conditions. For example, in extreme environmental conditions such as oil field work and tar roofing, a polyurethane-coated harness should be used, because it helps in extending the life of the products.


A construction engineer should also ask which work environment he is going to work in. And will he be provided with a suitable lanyard for that particular environment or not. According to the basic rule Energy absorbing lanyard is used for people working below 17.5 feet and a Self-Retracting lanyard is used for people working above 17.5 feet.

Usually, a self-retracting lanyard or energy absorbing lanyard is appropriate for working in the above 17.5 work environment. But, in situations where mobility is required, self-retracting lanyards are a better option, as they offer a lot of movement and also reduce the chance of trip hazards.

Furthermore, lanyards used in the fall arrest systems australia are of two types, shock-absorbing lanyard, and non-shock absorbing lanyard. So, a construction designer must make sure that he is provided with a shock-absorbing lanyard to protect him from any such accidents.

Safe work method statements

A Safe Work Method Statement is very important, to ensure workers’ safety. So, one must ask regarding SWMS, as an SWMS should be developed and planted for all the projects that involve high-risks. And it should be implemented before the inception of the project.

Furthermore, the construction engineer should ensure that all the control measures are reviewed and monitored regularly.

For every construction engineer planning to start working, getting information about the fall arrest system is very important. As it guarantees their safety. Hence, mentioned above are three things to ask before you start working as a construction engineer.


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