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3 tips to understand if you can trust

When you go to the workshop, asking for a detailed quote is a very useful thing to know the entity that underlies the repair or maintenance work to which our car will be subjected . Advice that we have suggested several times to avoid nasty surprises and protect each other (car repairer-end customer). But it is not the only parameter to evaluate the professionalism of a garage . According to an article in

” The Law For All ” there are two key factors to consider to test the skills of the mechanic : the memorandum of ratesin plain sight and compliance with delivery times. This is the assessment at the entrance to the workshop. What if unforeseen events happen after the intervention? Here are some case studies and how to best solve them.

Can unsolicited interventions be contested?
No doubt. A format must be filled out (available online) asking for “immediate correction – we read in the news – of the invoice or the refund of the amount paid for unsolicited work. We can also expect the car to be returned as it was brought before the mechanic put his hand to it ” .

If the mechanic has not made an intervention indicated in the estimate but has been paid anyway To protect yourself from this case, it is necessary to sign the invoice at the time of payment, noting the words “subject to complaint” above. Postilla that gives the motorist the possibility to contest the invoice also by legal means,

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