How To Choose The Best Fall Arrest Systems

Buying safety equipment for your employees is among the obligations that you must fulfil as an employer.  When you are sending your employees to different jobs, you have to guarantee that they will be safe as they work. You should also know that things happen, and you end up risking the lives of your employees. This is not something that you would want to do since you want things to go smoothly all the time and keep everyone safe.

A fall arrest system is among the safety equipment you should get if your projects involve working with heights. This is because most employees who work in such situations tend to fall and get injured, and some lose their lives.  Therefore, you have to ensure that you invest in this safety equipment, even if it would cost you more than you think. It is always important to have peace of mind when you know that your employees will be safe even if something happens since they will be wearing this safety equipment when they are doing their jobs.

Choosing the best fall arrest systems

As the employer, you need to ensure that you get a fall arrest system for each of your employees.   Finding the best fall arrest systems australia seems like a simple idea, but it’s not. You have to ensure that you do all it takes to avoid making any mistakes in your selection. For this reason, you should take a look at the following features that you should look for in your fall arrest systems before buying them.

  1. Harness

This is among the three components of the fall arrest systems that you should look for when you are making your selection. There are different types of harnesses out there, and they can be used in different applications. For this reason, you should make sure that you select the harness that will meet your needs. The harness in the system you select should fit well, and its straps should be adjustable.

  1. Connection

The connection of the fall arrest systems you select is crucial when selecting your height safety equipment. The purpose of the connection is to reduce the force produced in the event of a sustained fall. Therefore, you need to check and recheck whether the connection on the system is as strong as it should be. They should also be durable and flexible.

  1. Anchor

The anchor is also as important as the harness and the connection. You may get the fall arrest system with the best connection and harness, but if the anchor is compromised, the safety of your employees is not a guarantee. Therefore, you should ensure that you select the fall arrest system whose anchor is strong to ensure that it doesn’t fail when someone falls.

Should employees wear a fall arrest system all of the time?

Whenever the employee is working at high heights, they must ensure that they wear a fall arrest system.  Even if you have very confident employees, you may never know when one would fall, and this is why they should always wear this height safety equipment.


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